Doctors / healthcare

As a doctor, would you like to be able to count on competent support? Healthcare is a complex and constantly changing field. Thanks to our many years of experience in advising doctors and medical specialists (including general practitioners and specialists, dentists, physiotherapists, residential care managers, etc.), we are the perfect partner you can trust.

  • Management of finance and accounting (possibility of using E-Accounting / WebTreuhand)
  • Assistance with interim and annual financial statements
  • Salary and personnel management
  • Support in personal and property insurance
  • Value added tax
  • Private tax consultancy (incl. annual tax return)
  • Advice on the choice of business form (joint practice, joint doctor’s practice, practice centre, etc.)
  • Support with cost allocations in joint practices (preparation of contractual bases, verification of compliance with allocations, etc.)
  • Administrative activities (registration and deregistration of insurance policies, preparation of payments, etc.)
  • Accompaniment during practice handovers / succession planning